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Sausage Flavors


Basic Sausage Flavors ($.40 per pound)

  • AC Leggs Mild
  • AC Leggs Hot
  • AC Leggs Sweet Italian
  • AC Leggs Mild Italian
  • AC Leggs Zesty Italian
  • AC Leggs Bratwurst
  • AC Leggs Keilbasa
  • Hospitality 

Specialty Sausage Flavors ($1.00 per pound)

  • Jen's Onion
  • Moonpie Mild
  • Moonpie Hot
  • Our Family Brats
  • Our Family Garlic Brats
  • Maple Sage
  • Cajun

Premium Sausages( $2.00 per pound)

  • Maple Blueberry


Sausage is our favorite part of this business.  Nothing compares to having your own secret recipe.  Contact us to create your own today!  The possibilities are endless!